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Krown Rust Control

Choose Krown for Your Rust Control Needs in Fredericton

RJKT provides high-quality rust control services in the Fredericton area. We have the only annually trained and certified technicians in the rustproofing business, to ensure that your vehicle looks better, lasts longer, and maintains a higher resale value. Not only does our product provide rust control for your vehicle, but it is also  protects your mechanical and electrical parts.

Benefits of a Krown Application:

Safer, better-looking vehicle

Longer vehicle life

Decreased repair costs

Higher resale value

Our products can be sprayed in any type of weather, even in the harshest winter conditions. We also have a full line of home used products, such as:

Rust protection

Fast-acting penetrant

Chain lube

Salt eliminator

Parts and brake cleaner

Carwash cleaner

Glass Cleaner Subtext

Degreaser Subtext

Spot & Stain Remover Subtext

Leather & Vinyl Vitalizer Subtext

Specialties and Services

Vehicles are susceptible to rust due to high salt  & moisture content in our climate; many people use salt to get rid of ice and snow, as the ice melts it eventually turns your vehicle into a rust bucket. We at RJKT are dedicated to protecting vehicles from rust; our anti-rust professionals provide the best rust protection possible backed by a solid warranty. Our environmentally friendly products penetrate through the inner parts and tightest crevices of vehicles to displace water and moisture, and bond with the metal for durable protection.


Chip repair and polish at a fraction of the cost



New car warranty

Used by the Department of Defense

Only trained technicians in the rustproofing business

Locked-in price

Rustproofing in all types of weather year round

We provide rustproofing services for all types of vehicles:




Trucks of various sizes

Commercial vehicles



Heavy equipment, cranes, loaders, backhoes, and forestry equipment

We value our business and look forward to serve you better, Call us today!



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We offer quick and reliable services in the Fredericton area.

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