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Paint the Chip. Not the Whole Car.

Chips Away- Automotive Paint and Chip Repairs in Fredericton

Since 1994, RJKT has been offering minor collision repairs and automotive chip repairs in the Fredericton area. Our paint repair technicians are experts in providing quality service, and fast and cost-effective solutions by painting the chip and not the whole car, ultimately saving you money. Our auto body repairs include: 

Paint repairs for minor collisions

Scratch repairs

Tar and road debris removal

Buffing, polishing and waxing

Paintless dent removal

Convenient and Cost-effective Repairs

Scratches or damages on your vehicle not only harm your vehicle's  paint exterior, but also affect your vehicle's resale value. We will restore your vehicle to excellent condition using the many repair services that we offer. For more information, contact us, and we’ll help restore the value of your vehicle for a fraction of the cost of a conventional full-body repair and paint job.


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We offer quick and reliable services in the Fredericton area.

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