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About Us

Our Story

RJKT opened for service on the 1st of April, 1994,  with an aim of providing exceptional service to the people of Fredericton and surrounding area. We believe in integrity and honesty in everything we do, and for us the investment and effort you put into getting a new vehicle and keeping it in good condition is very important. Firmly committed to excellence in customer service by fostering an unsurpassed reputation, we have raised the bar by being one of  Canada’s most preferred rust protection companies.

Our Founder’s Story

“I was in Florida on a vacation in 1989,  being  a sheet metal worker at the time business ownership was not in my future  or so I thought.   We were driving when a rock chip hit my car and caused a paint chip.     I looked in the phone-book and found Chips Away. They were able to fix it the next day quickly and with outstanding service . So, after I came home, I had an opportunity presented to me to open a local Chips Away.   This allowed me to help my community  make their cars last longer.

-Robert Graham, Founder

Krown Rust Control was added to our division in 1996; we have been successfully providing excellent services to the Fredericton area ever since.

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